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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Poetry Nook, Vol. 5 was the final issue of the journal. We greatly enjoyed working with all the talented poets and helping them promote their work. Unfortunately, sales were insufficient to cover the costs and we were operating at a loss. Poetry publishing is a difficult proposition, but we knew that ahead of time and did it for the love of the form.

Going forward, we expect to continue doing anthologies as time permits, so please be on the lookout for announcements when that occurs.

Frank Watson


Poetry Nook Magazine
is a journal seeking to promote poetry as a social form, something that people can exchange between each other to share the events and observations in their lives and hold a back-and-forth conversation inspired by each others' ideas. As such, we encourage both individual poems that will inspire people to understand themselves and the world better and linked poems that illustrate a conversation between two or more poets, such as linked haiku, tanka, or other micropoetry (provided all parties give permission to include their work).

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We seek the best poetry and art that captures the interaction between the senses—of images, sounds, tastes, smells, touch—and emotions. The poetry we are looking for uses the tangible senses to evoke emotions and thoughts rather than talk about abstract ideas. In other words, if you have an abstract idea that you want to explore, think about something tangible to represent it and evoke that feeling or think of fresh ways to describe it rather than mentioning a common expression directly.

We particularly favor fast-paced poetry that is easy to read and has good rhythm, while still representing deeper levels that can be enjoyed. We do not enjoy poetry that is overly convoluted, without meaning, or banal in abstractions.

Poetry Nook Magazine is a publication of Plum White Press LLC and will be published in both print and e-book form. Work published in the magazine will be eligible to appear in an anthology published by Plum White Press LLC.

Submissions will be considered on an ongoing basis; when one submission period closes another will immediately open. You should hear back on your submission within 45 days; if you do not, please contact one of the editors for an update.

We will send a complimentary paperback contributor copy to each accepted contributor who uses Submittable and provides his or her address. Please note that we will not provide print copies for contributors that do not provide addresses or contributors who did not use Submittable.

All submitters retain the copyright to their work and may reprint it elsewhere; we request, however, that you do so with credit to Poetry Nook. By submitting your work, you grant a non-exclusive license that allows us to reprint your work, in any form of media, including in a magazine, anthology, web site, e-mail, etc.

There are no fees to submit your work.

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